Online Trading

Online Trading is defined as follows: easy, safe and secure accessing of investors to the transaction system of stock markets (Tehran Stock Exchange (TSE) and Iran Mercantile Exchange (IME)).

Once this technology is applied, investors can carry out their transactions rapidly without referring to brokerage company for submitting their request (buying and selling). Moreover, investors also do not need to refer to the bank for transferring funds.

 Advantages of Online Trading

  •   Investor’s buying or selling order is inserted into the system electronically in due time exactly.
  •   Investor’s buying or selling order is carried out in the shortest time possible without referring to the Brokerage Company and bank.
  •   Investor will be informed that the information he or she receive is done instantly and immediately without any delay in a way that others cannot access to information sooner than investor. This procedure will cause improvement of competitive environment among investors.
  •   Investors can observe information of their accounts and statements instantly and immediately.
  •   Making decision by purchaser or seller has been inspired by his or her information and analysis, not other individuals representing as broker at ANSAR Brokerage Company

For more information, interested individuals can log on the website of ANSAR BANK Brokerage Company at the following address:

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