PARS GOSTAR Joint Investment Fund started its activity on Dec. 1, 2012 after receiving license from Tehran Securities and Exchange Organization (SEO) as investment fund subject of Clause 20 of Article 1 of Stock Market Law approved in Dec. 2005.

Performance and activity of this Fund has been based on contents and provisions of articles of association and OMIDNAMEH (Letter of Hope) within the framework of pertinent rules and regulations. It should be noted that this Fund is registered under No. 11141with Securities and Exchange Organization (SEO). Performance and activity of this Fund is based on contents and provisions of articles of association and letter of hope within the framework of stipulated rules and regulations. As mentioned in above, activity of this Fund is monitored and supervised by Securities and Exchange Org. (SEO) and superintendent of the Fund also supervises its activity consecutively. In the same direction, assets of the Fund, which primarily include stocks of the companies accepted at Tehran Stock Exchange (TSE), are managed by manager of investment fund. Investors receive investment certificate according to the amount they invest at the Fund. Issuance of investment unit and annulling them is taken after based on day net value of assets after presenting request. For further information on the activity of the Fund, interested individuals can study article of association and OMIDNAMEH (Letter of Hole) thoroughly and meticulously. Moreover, for obtaining information related to the previous performance of the Fund, enthusiasts can also refer to the efficiency, net value of assets and diagrams at the following website address:


Presently, PARS GOSTAR Joint Investment Fund is ranked among top five investment fund at the capital market in three- and six- month performance, the issue of which has brought about profitability for customers and has given them [customers] more confidence.

Likewise, it is a solid evidence for the attraction of new customers. The aforementioned success has caused ANSAR Brokerage Company to offer its services in two other fields of activity to dear customers. In general, the management of the company will make all its utmost effort in order to meet customers’ demands in related field in the best form possible.

Advantages of Investment Funds

Hereunder are regarded as salient advantages of investment funds:

1-    Professional Management of Capital: Management of investment funds by a group of analysts and professional individuals is considered as one of the most important and salient advantages of investment funds. However, investment funds should be administered and run by expert and professional activists at the capital market and the said issue is one of the important point for investors especially micro and nonprofessional investors as well. With due observance to the said issue, a professional and expert individual should be employed in investment funds in order to guide investor for invest his or her capital appropriately.

2-    Diversity: Based on financial theories, investment risk can be reduced with increasing diversity in investment field. Moreover, reduced price of a share can be retrieved and compensated with significant increase in other bonds and securities. Portfolio of investment funds usually incudes tens of shares and/or diversified participation bonds in order to minimize investment risk minimally in a way that such diversity is not available for micro investors easily.

3-    Simplicity: Investing at investment fund is very simple and there is no need to do complicated analyses. Also, transacting (selling and buying) shares of the Fund is carried out simply. In other words, making investment at investment fund is done easily without any complexity.

4-    Liquidity: The Fund will provide this possibility to investor to cash his or her money in the shortest time possible. In other words, the investment funds will empower investor to cash money as soon as possible. However, investors are assured that they can embark on selling their investment shares easily without any difficulty.



Instruction on Way of Issuance of Investment Units

1)    Personal reference to one of the selected branches of brokerage company and completion of form (specifications and details of investor) along with stock subscription bidding form / request for the issuance of investment unit

2)    Submitting self documents and introduction letter or power of attorney

3)    Settling the amount into the banking account of the Fund and submitting the receipt to the representative of manager of the Fund,

4)    Receiving bank receipt for depositing the fund from representative of manager.

5)    Delivering statement of issuance and investment certificate latest by the end of two working days at the venue of submitting request to the investor.


 Instruction on Way of Annulling or Cancelling Investment Units

6)Personal referring to one of the branch offices of brokerage company and completion of form requesting for annulling investment unit,

7) Delivering and submitting investment certificate along with cancelling request form to the representative of manager,

8)  Submitting documents which indicate identity of investor, introduction letter and official letter of attorney are necessary for canceling investment unit.

9) Issuance of statement for annulling investment unit and also submitting it to the investor and/or his legal representative

10)  Submitting annulment receipt to the investment unit and/or his legal representative   

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