Subject of Activity:

By virtue of Article 3 of its articles of association, the subject of activity of the company includes as follows:

A)   Offering brokerage and broker services, transacting and marketing affairs including:

  • Transaction of bonds and securities including stocks, participation bonds, stock warrant, priority in purchasing stocks, option of transacting and future contracts for others in their accounts and/or in its name and account,
  • Transaction of products admitted for others and to their accounts,
  •  Marketing and building market for products admitted at TSE,
  • Etc.

B)   Financial and Consultation Services Including:

  • Managing investment funds,
  • Acting as a publishing agency for registration of stocks and bonds as well as receiving license for supplying product,
  • Marketing for supplying stocks and bonds,
  •  Portfolio securities

 Offering quality consultation services and fulfilling all executive affairs for acceptance of bonds and securities or goods in each of stock companies and stock markets outside TSE represented by publisher or supplier of goods / products

C)   Offering quality Consultation Services in the Following Fields:

A)  Pricing and valuating bonds and notes payable,

B)   Method of offering and supplying bonds and securities,

C)   Designing notes payable and securities,

D)  Transacting (buying and selling) and maintaining stocks and bonds,

E)   Making investment,

F)    Merging, owning, changing and revising organizational and financial structures of companies,

G)  Designing and setting up financial institutions



Capital of Company:

By virtue of Article 7 of articles of association of the company, the initial legal and registered capital of the company stood at 20,000,000,000 rials, divided into 20,000,000 ordinary registered stocks (each worth 1,000 rials) which has been totally paid. Meanwhile, according to the bylaws ratified at the Extraordinary General Assembly on June 2, 2013 and contents inserted at the official gazette dated Oct. 5, 2013, capital of the company is increased to 51,800,000,000 rials, divided into 51,800,000 shares each worth 1,000 rials (registered). Also, it was envisioned that amount of capital of company should be increased to 60,000,000,000,000 rials, divided into 60,000,000 shares each worth 1,000 rials, within two years.

Combination of Members of Board of Directors and Details of Managing Director:



Name of Real Representative

Member of Board of Directors

Chairman of Board of Directors

Dr. Mahmoud Afzali

ANSAR Exchange

Deputy Chairman of board & CEO

Dr. Abdollah Rahim Loy Benis


Member of Board


Mr. Mohammad-Hossein Barkhordari

Ansar Leasing


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